about Feng Shui Design Consultations

…. Your visit was wonderful. You’ve inspired so many people here! The 401 Richmond Building, Toronto

…. a great time yesterday. My staff are very appreciative and all spoke of the calming influence of this work. J.J., Director, Advocates for Children & Youth, Baltimore

…. The changes were made according to your suggestions and the results were great. I owe you a big THANK YOU! Maybe someday I will have a chance to explain to you all the details. G.V., Brazil

…. You’ve given me a glimpse of truly “enlightened design.” Now my task is to incorporate what I’ve learned into my daily practice. CS, Lexington, KY

… I wanted to tell you how you saved our house … The natural route the truck that went through our yard should have taken was into the house-right where you put the mirror and garden chimes! No one could understand how it veered to the right, missed the house and a propane tank by inches-yet no one was hurt. Thank you. It worked! M.W., NY

… “Thank you so much for introducing us to garden feng shui… and for your message of how to realign our lives with nature in our gardens. It was an exciting way to start our Conference!” G.P., representative, National Council of State Garden Clubs

… Many a day, recollection of your energy moves in my house and reminds me of the wealth of possibilities that opened through your eyes. It provokes a deep sense of gratitude…and empowers me to go further. E.S., Chicago

about Mentoring & Creative Directives Consulting

…our mentoring work is changing my life. Thank you so much!

….You’ve shown me a “path of inspiration.” Your insights into creative process were invaluable.

about Contemplative Arts/Design Education

… Very articulate and clear…. really speaking from a place of long training and experience.

… Everything was completely relevant …. [She] chose material that coincided perfectly and organized it so everyhting fit together very well.

… This teacher is informative and intriguing. A must see!

… Comprehensive knowledge and experience….

… Very thorough… Her material is very well organized and supported.

… Very knowledgeable, with very creative ways to get the points across… enabled me to integrate [this] into my experience.