Design is communication that speaks through any or all of the senses. Fact is, however, more than 80% of our experience and understanding of the world comes through our eyes: a picture is truly worth a thousand words. The visual environment has a profound influence on physical and mental well being. As visual communicators, we are all accountable for creating a harmonious world.

Creating life-affirming environments is not only a joy, but also a necessary part of any healthy society. Personal experience and scientific research both evince the impact of our surroundings on relationships, health, wealth, work, learning, and creativity.

Contemplative Design

Contemplation: from the Latin contemplari, to observe carefully;
an open space for observation; within a space, to see clearly.

Contemplative design brings an open, awake mind to the world of the senses. The openness to perceive things clearly begins with the practice of meditation. This tradition of “space-awareness” translates into a powerful approach to design. Based on the energies of Heaven and Earth, the Four Directions, and the Five Styles of Energy that arise from them, it realigns our world with powerful natural forces. When we’re no longer “swimming upstream,” we reap the benefit of these energies. Bringing them together with the practice of meditation offers us the opportunity to explore design as a contemplative path.

Feng Shui/Design

Working with these principles in feng shui/design, we can transform personal and public space, interior and exterior space, as well as communities and all forms of human communication—which gives new meaning to “universal design.”

Ecology: from the Greek, oikos, meaning “house,” or “host”; and logos, the “logic of the house”; literally, “how the house hangs to together.”

Contemplative feng shui/design is an ecological approach to design—in the true sense of the word “ecology.” Ecology, from the Greek oikos, means “wholeness of the house,” or “how the house hands together.” When we integrate body and mind, nature and design, we create healthy, harmonious homes, gardens, workplaces, and lives. From this point of view, ecology and good design are one and the same.

Consulting with a trained, experienced practitioner of feng shui can greatly enhance the overall success of your world. It does this by realigning your interior/exterior space with the energies of Heaven and Earth, the Four Directions, and the Five Styles of Energy that arise from them. Working with these energies, you can uncover the ordinary magic and extraordinary power of place.